Quickie Book Review: Oppression by Jessica Therrien

A momentary break from the Camp NaNo madness for a quick book review!

I won the Oppression ebook in a contest on Rebekah’s blog, by virtue of being the first name drawn who actually owned a Kindle. (Yay!)

I’m usually pretty hesitant about new authors unless I’ve heard really, really excellent things. Since Rebekah liked the book so much, I was stoked to win and excited to read it. (Plus, we’ve been over my feelings about Greek mythology and the gods. Yes, I am a fangirl.)

Oppression by Jessica Therrien - dadgum I do love this coverSo, how did I feel about Oppression once I’d read it?


Oppression started out strong, but ultimately just fell flat for me.

I think Therrien’s built up some interesting aspects of her world (particularly in regards to the powers based on the bloodlines), and I like how Elyse comes to understand more about her own powers and the struggles she faces, particularly in regards to Anna and being a part of the prophecy.

Kara was also a fascinating character (easily my favorite), and part of me wishes the book had been in third person so we could’ve gotten into her POV.

Unfortunately, though, the bad outweighed the good. Sometimes it seemed Elyse would get stalled on a train of thought and round and round (and round and round) we’d go. Pacing was way off at times. There were a couple of scenes that seemed like they should’ve lasted longer (or should’ve been more significant), but passed in the blink of an eye.

For example: the testing scene. It came out of absolutely nowhere, and then seemed to end before it had a chance to get started.

The world itself felt generic (The Institute? Really?), which is a shame because that’s usually one of the best parts of books like this: the peeling back of the layers of our own world to reveal something new and magical and amazing right under our noses. That didn’t happen here, and that aspect of the book could’ve used a lot more fleshing out. Plus, the main villain was one-note and underdeveloped, evil for the sake of being evil.

And I really, really didn’t like William. God help me, I could’ve cheerfully STRANGLED him when Elyse is trying to find out why she’s being chased and what’s going on, and his reaction is to say, “Nah, we’re going on a date first, and THEN I’ll tell you.” (Mind you, this is approximately three chapters into the story.)

Seriously dude? SERIOUSLY?

Plus, I have a low tolerance for the whole “we’re destined to be together“/”love at first sight” trope, but that’s personal preference. (For those who DO like that particular trope, I think Therrien’s got some interesting ideas with it. Plus, not everybody has a destined soul mate in this world, it’s just these two, and for a pretty good reason.)

There was more I didn’t like than stuff I liked, and I’m really not sure I’d read the rest of the series. I might give the next book a chance, but if it didn’t grab me quickly, I probably wouldn’t read any more.