NaNoWriMo and #WriteMotivation – Week 2

We interrupt this #WriteMotivation post for some high-pitched squeaky noises:

Why yes, yes, there are TWO new trailers for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode on November 23.

Why yes, yes, I’m so very excited, you have no idea. 😀 I can’t WAIT to see more from Ten and Eleven and how they interact.

Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

And now, back to the goal updates!

1. Write at least 50,000 words in November.

Minimum word count for November 11: 18,333/50,000

My word count: 22,306/50,000

Adventures in NaNoing: I can’t believe how quickly we’re approaching the halfway point of the month, and how quickly I am not approaching the halfway point of this story.

I knew it would be longer than 50k (when do I ever write something that ends up being 50k? Never, I tell you) but now I’m starting to wonder just how MUCH longer it’s going to be. I ended up adding two new scenes to my outline this weekend, in order to make things run a little bit more smoothly, and each one’s probably going to be close to 2,000 words, if not a bit more.

I’m hoping to finish both of those scenes at some point today because I’ve got a wedding to write, y’all.

Then again, there’s a chance I’m going to see Thor: The Dark World tonight, in which case, screw it, I’ll get these scenes finished at the write-in tomorrow. 😀

2. Stay sane throughout the entire month.
Last week saw several major development projects at work completed, and others getting to points that I’ll be able to complete them early this week, which will make it a little easier to write in the evenings.

Of course, that means I’ll have three MORE development projects hit me this week with fast deadlines, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

How’s your month going? Staying on target?

November #WriteMotivation Signup Time (And the Doctor Turns 50)

Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

It is precisely one week until our NaNoWriMo kickoff. I am of two minds right now:

One week until NaNo! YAY!
One week until NaNo! GAAAAAAH!

Anyway, after taking the past few months off from #WriteMotivation, I’m hopping back in for November! If you want to join us, the signup is over on KT Hanna’s blog.

Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish next month:

1. Write at least 50,000 words in November.
2. Stay sane throughout the entire month.

Really, that’s it. I know better than to give myself any more goals in November. 😉

And in COMPLETELY UNRELATED NEWS, this trailer came out last Saturday:

You guys. YOU GUYS. I can’t wait. Like, my inner Doctor Who fangirl is LOSING IT.

Anybody else doing NaNoWriMo? Or #WriteMotivation? Or are you as excited as I am for the 50th anniversary?

And the new Doctor is…

The BBC announced on Sunday that Peter Capaldi will take over the TARDIS when Matt Smith leaves at the end of this year.

Peter Capaldi

Ladies and gentlemen, your new Doctor.

I’m actually kind of excited. I mean, I was hoping that they would go with someone either not white or not male to shake things up, but I knew it was a long shot.

Capaldi’s been on the show before (in the episode “The Fires of Pompeii”) and by all accounts he’s a terrific actor. That episode would be the only thing I’ve seen him in, so I can’t really comment on that.

I will miss Matt Smith. Even though it took me most of the first episode to get used to him, I have ultimately really enjoyed his take on the Doctor, especially since he drew a lot on Patrick Troughton’s portrayal (and I love the Second Doctor with SOOOO much of my geeky heart). However, as always, I’m intrigued to see what a new actor will do with the role.

Naturally, some fans are displeased (because there are always a few who whine about the changing of the guard; that’s part of being a fan, right?), even going so far as to say that Capaldi is “too old” for the part.

William Hartnel, Doctor #1

The First Doctor frowns on your shenanigans.


Patrick Troughton (the Second Doctor)

The Second Doctor is not amused.

Have you seen this show?

Jon Pertwee (Third Doctor)

The Third Doctor would like you to reconsider your statements.

If you’re saying he’s “too old,” CLEARLY you are unfamiliar with the nearly-50-year history of this show. And since Capaldi is the same age as William Hartnell (the First Doctor) was when he was cast, it seems fitting in a way, a little like they’re making full circle for the 50th anniversary this year.

So yeah. I’m looking forward to seeing what the new Doctor will bring to the table.

How do you feel about the new Doctor? Excited? Disappointed? Ambivalent? Wondering what the hell I’m talking about? (If it’s the latter, here’s your primer. Now get thee to Netflix and watch!)

Fun Doctor Who Stuff from Around the Internet

Everybody knows I’m a fan of Doctor Who. And when I say “everybody,” I mean “everybody who is friends with me on Facebook, because any time they come across something remotely related to the good Doctor, they put it on my FB wall.”

I’m okay with this, because it’s usually awesome.

Here’s a sampling of the most recent Doctor-related stuff my friends have found.

Things you should never do to a Doctor Who fan:

When a fellow Whovian is asleep, draw tally marks on them.

The person who does this to me gets a curtain rod upside the head.

Rebekah and Jessica have sworn that, should I ever get married, they will ensure the gentleman acquires this ring box:

In sickness and in health, for better or worse, in future and in past, through Daleks and Cybermen…

It’s days like this I wish I knew how to use power tools:


Best. Guest room. EVER.

Didn’t know he was part of the Avengers, did you?

Loki has a fez now. Fezzes are cool.

Time and Relative Dimensions in Sleep:

TARDIS blanket

It makes your bed look bigger on the inside!

Seriously, I wish I had this sewing ability because this is awesome:

Dalek/TARDIS Quilt


And finally:

Some days you’re the stairs, some days you’re the Dalek.

The Netflix Queue: Ray Harryhausen

Until this year, I had never seen a movie with visuals by Ray Harryhausen.

Approximately half of you gasped in abject horror, that an admitted film fan has not seen a single movie with which Mr. Harryhausen was involved.

The other half of you went, “Who?”

Ray Harryhausen is a film producer and “special effects creator,” according to Wikipedia. Between 1942 and 1981, he made 23 movies, including Mighty Joe Young, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Jason and the Argonauts, One Million Years B.C., and Clash of the Titans. He’s most famous for his use of stop-motion animation, creating movie monsters and special effects that were mind-bogglingly cool for their time.

Harryhausen’s work (particularly in Jason and the Argonauts) inspired a lot of our most famous and accomplished filmmakers (including Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Sam Raimi, and James Cameron) so it’s absolutely unforgiveable that I haven’t seen any of his movies until this year.

Well, I made up for my lapse in April, with not just one, but THREE Harryhausen movies in the queue from Netflix.

Jason and the ArgonautsJason and the Argonauts

Considered by Harryhausen (and others) to be his best movie, Jason and the Argonauts has one of the most famous special-effects scenes of all time: the skeleton fight at the very end.

The plot is the classic hero story: evil king takes over a land, attempts to kill the real king’s heirs, and fails. Twenty years later, the real king’s son (the titular Jason) assembles a team of the best men from all over Greece to travel in search of the Golden Fleece, which will allow him to regain his rightful place as king.

I am a ridiculous fan of any and all things involving ancient Greece, so it’s probably not a huge surprise that I enjoyed this movie. What did surprise me what how much I enjoyed it. Jason and the Argonauts was easily my favorite of the three movies I watched.

The visuals were fantastic. One of the best parts was the fight against Talos, the giant bronze Titan. The way they integrated Talos with the ship (the Argo) and the crew itself was really impressive. Plus, it was a total trip to see Patrick Troughton (the Second Doctor!) show up briefly as a blind prophet. I barely recognized him.

And, of course, the skeleton fight itself lived up to the hype. It’s a sequence of only a few minutes that apparently took months to film, and it’s amazing.

I also loved the way they handled the gods in this film. Although you see all of them chilling out on Mount Olympus, the two most active gods are Zeus and Hera. They’re essentially playing a game of chess, and it’s interesting to see how each chooses to make their moves.

The film ended a little abruptly, though. I thought they were actually going to have Jason showdown with King Pelias, but alas, they do not. Then again, maybe somebody read how the Jason and Medea story actually ended and decided to wrap it up while it was still happy.

The Golden Voyage of SinbadThe Golden Voyage of Sinbad

In this one, Sinbad and his crew are after three pieces of a golden puzzle, which will give them a map leading to the Fountain of Destiny. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones after this: Koura, an evil magician bent on domination, wants the Fountain of Destiny as well and will stop at nothing to get it.

While Sinbad was also a lot of fun, particularly at the end, I didn’t like it as much as I did Jason. It was still funny and adventurous, and Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor!) was particularly excellent as Koura. I liked that Koura lost some of his youth each time he used powerful magic. It was good to see magic having a cost.

(Also, Wikipedia tells me it was Baker’s performance in this movie that helped land him the role of the Doctor. Who knew?)

The slave girl subplot fell a little flat. The eye thing was cool (she had an eye tattooed on her hand), but it didn’t really go anywhere except to get her sacrificed to the one-eyed centaur. (Then again, I was starting to fall asleep at this point, so maybe I missed something.)

What I really liked was the final fight in the cavern between Koura and Sinbad. But then, I’ve always been a sucker for the swashbuckling part of movies like this.

Clash of the TitansClash of the Titans

I saw the remake when it came out in 2010 (and liked it), so I was excited to see the original. As much as I liked Clash, it was obvious that the stop-motion animation was dating this movie far faster than the previous two, especially since it was made in 1981. It was also Harryhausen’s last film.

Perseus is the half-human son of Zeus, and he falls in love with the princess, Andromeda. When Andromeda’s mother brings the wrath of the gods down on her city, it’s up to Perseus to find a way to save them all before Andromeda is sacrificed to the Kraken.

I liked Perseus well enough, but Zeus was a massive hypocrite. He deformed one of the other goddess’s human sons for a (relatively) minor infraction, but turned around and demanded that all the gods and goddesses help out his own son. Frankly, I didn’t blame Athena for having Hephaestus make a mechanical owl instead of sending her own.

And speaking of, Bubo the owl was GREAT. Just absolutely adorable. I didn’t expect to like him even half as much as I did. Then again, I apparently have a thing for small mechanical creatures in sci-fi and fantasy shows. (See: K-9 from Doctor Who. I love that little tin dog.)

Plus, though it was cool to see certain monster effects — like Medusa and the Kraken — the animation just wasn’t as seamless as it had been in Jason.

After finally watching some Ray Harryhausen films, all I can really say is…damn, I’ve got to get Jason and the Argonauts on DVD. That movie was GREAT. (Also, I look forward to indoctrinating young nieces, nephews, and cousins into the awesomeness of the fantasy genre with these movies.)

Have you guys seen any Harryhausen movies? Which is your favorite?

Trailer Park: Bats, Doctors, and Avatars!

Thanks to San Diego Comic Con, a LOT of cool new trailers and teasers have come out over the past week or so. Here are just a few:

The Dark Knight Rises Teaser

Batman Begins is probably my favorite superhero movie of all time (OF ALL TIME), which is amazing, considering how much of an X-men fangirl I am. With Begins and its successor, The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan took superhero movies to a mind-blowing new level. So it’s no surprise that his finale, The Dark Knight Rises, is easily one of the most anticipated movies of 2012.

This really is a teaser — we don’t get to see much, if anything, from Catwoman or Bane, the two new villains for the movie. That being said, it’s still a great first look at the film, and I can’t wait till we get a full-length trailer.

Doctor Who – Season 6.2 Trailer

We’ve been over my love for this show before, and now after a summer break, the new episodes are starting up on August 27!

With only a minute’s worth of footage, it’s difficult to get an accurate read on the second half of the season, but looking at the new episode titles so far — “Let’s Kill Hitler”, “Night Terrors”, “The Girl Who Waited”, and “The God Complex” — it’s seems like we’re in for a hell of a ride.

Avatar: Legend of Korra Trailer

I haven’t gone fully into detail about just how much I love Avatar: The Last Airbender (A LOT), but the short version is that it’s probably the best animated series I’ve seen in the past 10 years. So I don’t care if this is a Nickelodeon cartoon, I’m SO STOKED for the sequel series that it’s not even funny.

This series follows the new Avatar, Korra, a 14-year-old from the Southern Water Tribe who has already mastered Firebending, Waterbending, and Earthbending. She’s on her way to to learn Airbending from Aang’s son, Tenzin, in Republic City, a sprawling steampunk city that’s the center of the new “Avatar” world. However, things aren’t always as they seem, and Korra will find herself facing an anti-bending revolution in addition to her training.

There’s not an embeddable version of the trailer (thanks, Nickelodeon), but you can check it out on the Nickelodeon site. We don’t get a chance to actually hear anyone talking, but the animation is top-notch and it looks like we’re in for some excellent fight scenes.

This is one show that I’ll be following closely, and I’ll mostly likely drop it into the queue the moment it hits DVD.

Unfortunately, there’s not a date set for the series yet, but hopefully it will be soon.