New Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer!

Today we got a brand-new full trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, which comes out August 1. All together now?


I know how I’m spending my birthday this year.


3 comments on “New Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer!

  1. THIS LOOKS AMAZING. I have to admit, I wasn’t so sure about this movie when people first started talking about it. I’ve never read the comics, and it wasn’t a large household name like Captain America. But now that the trailer has come out, OMG. Yeah, I am definitely going to go see this movie.

    Plus, with a talking raccoon with a machine gun, how could it go wrong? 😀

    • Michelle says:

      I know! There’s just an element of fun to the trailers that makes me really eager to see it. And, you know, the raccoon with the machine gun.

      (Also, the music’s kind of great. Completely great.)

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