The Critic’s Goal Post for 2014

I’m a little late on this for this year (mostly because I was either sick or traveling during the days when I would normally have been doing this list), but I think I’ve got a good handle on the goals I want to accomplish for 2014.

Goal Post

This pun is still my favorite.

Last year really felt like I spent a lot of time writing, finishing up first drafts. This year, I think, I’m going to focus more on editing and getting a couple of manuscripts to the point where I’m ready to query them.

I also built up some pretty good habits (particularly with my physical health), so some of my goals this year are to maintain those habits and maybe add some new ones to the mix.

Continue to work out at least four times a week for at least 30 minutes apiece.
Continue to drink at least six glasses of water per day.
Track my eating at least 5 out of 7 days per week between January and March.
Clean out my closet/dresser at least twice this year and give away everything I haven’t worn in over a year.

Finish draft 2 of MG.
Finish draft 5 of TSB.
Finish the first draft of my 2013 NaNo novel.
Write queries for both TSB and MG before the end of February.
Make a list of at least 10 agents and start querying MG or TSB.
Participate in #WriteMotivation every month this year, with a focus on projects I will be querying.
Attend the OWFI conference this year.

Writing Stretch Goals
Finish the first drafts of my 2011 and 2008 NaNo novels.
Make an effort to blog twice a week at BNC.
Make an effort to blog monthly at RRFS.
Enter MG in the OWFI contest.

Read at least 55 new books total.
Make an effort to read at least 10 books this year that are either nonfiction, or are outside genres I normally read.
Make an effort to read at least 5 authors who are not straight and/or white.
Look for novels with main characters who are not straight and/or white.

Those last two goals come from a post on Chuck Wendig’s blog about diversifying your bookshelves. I’m actually pretty balanced on male/female writers, but I have no idea where I rank with authors who aren’t straight or white. So I really want to try and branch out more in that regard.

So if you all have any recommendations for authors and/or books that fall into the category of not straight/not white (or both!), let me know!

What about you guys? Any big goals this year? Any books you’re excited about reading?

Goal post picture by Matt Denton

4 comments on “The Critic’s Goal Post for 2014

  1. I should probably add “Read More Books” to my list of goals. As it is, I think I read maybe a handful last year. Less than 20. *shrugs* Which, in the whole scheme of things, is way better than some people, but as a writer I should definitely be reading more.

    Good luck on your goals for the new year! πŸ˜€

  2. I’m thinking about going to OWFI this year, too. πŸ™‚

    As far as diversifying, David Levithan is amazing (YA LGBT) and so is Matt de la Pena (YA, hispanic). A.S. King’s Ask the Passengers is great for YA character struggling with sexual identity and because she is just an awesome writer. Walter Dean Myers is pretty good, too (YA African American). For my own expansion, I have these two books on my TBR pile: Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go and Gabriel Garcia Marquez , One Hundred Years of Solitude – both adult books.

  3. […] the beginning of the year, you may recall my determination to read a wider variety of authors and protagonists in an effort to diversify my bookshelves and broaden my horizons. To that end, I picked up Ash by […]

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