January #WriteMotivation – Week 3

Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

And weekly update time woo!

1. Finish collecting revisions for TSB.

2. Finish 2013 NaNo novel.
Still working on it, though I haven’t made as much headway on it as I would like. Not sure if I’ll be able to pull out what I’d need to to finish the story between now and January 31. But we’ll see how far I get!

3. Print off MGG&OCH and start editing.
Sooooo maybe I already went through the entire draft, made an outline so I could write a synopsis, and noted places where I need more worldbuilding/need to tighten things up.

In other news, I am actually pleasantly surprised with how most of this draft has held up. Normally I’ll run into at least one or two scenes that are like “HAHAHAHA NOOOOOPE” and mark gleefully through them with a red pen because of how terrible they are. I didn’t have that here, which was nice. Yeah, there are some scenes that go on a bit too long or could be better written, but I didn’t run into anything that made me bash my head against the desk going “What were you THINKING, self?”

4. Plan out blog through March.
Sadly haven’t done much more on this, although I did get it set up in Excel now!

My stretch goals remain unchanged, though I may start on the heavy-duty editing for MGG&OCH:

Stretch goals:
– Edit 5 chapters of MGG&OCH.
– Start rewriting first three chapters of TSB.
– Build up a backlog of blog posts for BNC.
– Finish 2 posts for RRFS.

We’re more than halfway through the month! How’s January treating you all?


4 comments on “January #WriteMotivation – Week 3

  1. Hey, you’ve completely marked off two goals already, so that’s awesome!

  2. heathercashman says:

    You’re doing so well! It’s nice that you didn’t have to ax any scenes. I haven’t gotten to that point with any new MS. Good for you!

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