A Momentous Moment

Fair friends, this is a momentous post: It is my first post from my new computer.

Yes, it’s true. Vera, my giant 17-inch laptop I’ve had since 2010, gave up the ghost rather unexpectedly on Friday. (On the plus side, she waited until AFTER work was over to do this.)

This probably wouldn’t have been QUITE so bad if it weren’t for the tiny issue that Oklahoma actually got SNOW last Thursday/Friday, which ended with half the state under 3-6 inches of snow and the other half under 3-6 inches of ice.

Fortunately, I was in the 3-6 inches of snow part, but still, driving anywhere on Friday wasn’t exactly safe and Saturday wasn’t too much better, so it wasn’t until Sunday that I was able to get out and get a new computer. Thankfully, Best Buy had the one I wanted in stock, so I didn’t have to order it, and they were able to get all my data transferred over and my new computer set up in less than 24 hours, which was AMAZING.

This one is MUCH quieter in terms of the hard drive and the fan, and even when I was installing 5-6 different programs at the same time, it still didn’t whine at me.

I’m still figuring my way around Windows 8, but so far it hasn’t been too bad. I spend most of my computer life in Word, Outlook, Notepad++, and Firefox, and all of those programs are pretty much the same.

I am a little sad: Vera saw me through four NaNos (all four of them as ML), all the Camp NaNos, multiple writing conferences, 10 manuscript drafts, two Ferret retreats, numerous development projects and training meetings, and five JavaScript and CSS summits. She’s been with me on every trip I’ve taken since 2010 and got me through season 6 of Doctor Who and season 3a of Teen Wolf.

It’s weird how our computers become so much more than the sum of their parts: they store our pictures, our music, our words, heck, half our brains. They’re how we manage life stuff, from finances to recipes to research to Christmas shopping. They’re how we connect with our friends and family and with people we’ve never even met in real life.

So yeah, I’m going to miss my nigh-constant companion for the past three and a half years, especially because I wasn’t quite ready to let go of her. However, I’m excited to have a new machine, even more excited about how quickly I’ve been able to get things set back up, and ready to see how many development projects and drafts I can get out of this one. 🙂

Plus, I need to see if I have any Doctor Who stickers left to decorate it…

3 comments on “A Momentous Moment

  1. Paul says:

    So we’ve both suffered losses of old friends. It’s a hard world that we live in.

  2. tragic loss. the world will be a little sadder without vera, i’m sure.

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