Happy birthday to meeeeeee…

So. Today is my birthday. Which has kind of been celebrated yesterday and today and inevitably will be all weekend and possibly into the rest of the month because why not? 😀

Yesterday was the “company party,” which was a lot of fun because when I’m in the middle of troubleshooting CSS and I have my headphones in I pay attention to literally nothing else. People have come up to me and been speaking, and then I look up after five minutes, pull out an earbud, and say “I’m sorry, what?”

So you can imagine the mild heart attack I had when, out of nowhere, people surrounded my computer, bearing cupcakes and flowers, singing “Happy Birthday.”

After that, I might have run around the kitchen and living room bursting with the SHEER JOY of getting FLOWERS AND CUPCAKES.

Blue and yellow birthday flowers!

My favorite colors!

The Critic gets a birthday cupcake


Really. It was awesome.

Tonight’s a birthday dinner and I’m having an actual “party” tomorrow, which is a party insofar as a bunch of people will be at my house for dinner and MST3K. Because I have a special place in my geeky little heart for terrible movies, Mike, Joel, and the ‘bots.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Friday and an excellent August!


4 comments on “Happy birthday to meeeeeee…

  1. Happy Birthday! Although, I think might have told you already. If so, oh well, I’m saying it again. =)

  2. LOL. CUPCAKES! Also, MST3K is AWESOME! Jealous, I wasn’t invited. 😀 Granted, I live 6 hours from you…but details!

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