July #Writemotivation – Third Update Ahoy!

Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Blah. This last week was not of the good, in terms of getting things actually accomplished. However, it was very good in terms of family time!

This past weekend I went south to celebrate my mom’s birthday, which meant spending most of Saturday on the lake and then Sunday visiting family. Which was really nice, especially since I haven’t been out to the lake since the summer of 2006. Amazingly, I did not get sunburned! Though I now realize I think I left my sunscreen at my mom’s. Oops?

I had every intention of getting some words in on Camp NaNo Sunday evening, or maybe finishing up a blog post…and then halfway through my 2.5-hour drive home I started to get a headache. By the time I arrived in Tulsa, I was sick enough that it was all I could do to drag my suitcase inside, and I was in bed by 9:30 p.m. So yeah. Not so much with the “getting stuff done” this weekend.

But next weekend I don’t have travel (yay!) and we have a Camp NaNo write-in (double yay!) so I’m hoping to use this last weekend of July to really knock some stuff out.

To the goal updates!

Mmm, s'mores and writing.

Mmm, s’mores and writing.

1) Camp NaNo! Write 30,000 words on the urban fantasy.
Word count goal for July 22: 21,290/30,000

My official word count: 16,824/30,000 (Hey, just over halfway, WOOO!)

Your unedited excerpt:

“Hey, Devan!” I called. “Can you come here for a second?”

He ignored me. I knew he was ignoring me, because there was no way he didn’t hear me.

I raised my voice and tried again. “Hey, wolf! Get your fluffy little ass over here.”

Mick snickered. Sarah looked appalled.

Devan rounded on me and stalked across the store, eyes flashing yellow. “What did you just say?”

I chose not to pay attention to the underlying threat in his voice and handed him the reports. “Go ask your new girlfriend what these ingredients do.”

Devan glared at me with some combination of irritation and incredulity. “Did you just call my ass fluffy?”

“And little,” Mick added with a wide grin.

I shot Mick a “you’re not helping” look. “No, I just asked you to find out what the hell Lisa stole and why,” I said to Devan.

“Why me? Why not you?”

“Because I’m not the one who’s been flirting with the store clerk for half an hour.” I tapped the folder. “Now go.”

2) Complete upcoming posts for RRFS blog.
One is completed! I just have to find a picture and post it. The other is in the same place it was last week.

3) Read at least 2 books.

4) Post to the BNC blog at least twice a week.
I…kind of bombed at this. Here’s hoping to a better job this week?


2 comments on “July #Writemotivation – Third Update Ahoy!

  1. Hey! You’ve done great! Love that excerpt. Fluffy little ass. Hehe. 🙂

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