July #Writemotivation – First Update Ahoy!

Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

A week into July and things are moving along quite swimmingly, though admittedly this has been helped by the FOUR-DAY WEEKEND I had, courtesy of Independence Day falling on a Thursday.

I know this will not happen again for awhile, but oh, how I loved it.

I spent the Fourth itself with my roommate’s family (which was fun), an impromptu write-in at a friend’s house on Friday (wherein I actually accomplished things!), and then Saturday night, I went to Lissa’s with most of the Ferrets for a cookout and fireworks on Saturday night.

Overall, I’m kind of surprised at how fast the weekend’s gone. On the plus side, things were accomplished.

On to the goal updates!

Mmm, s'mores and writing.

Mmm, s’mores and writing.

1) Camp NaNo! Write 30,000 words on the urban fantasy.
Word count goal for July 8: 7,741/30,000

My official word count: 7,896/30,000

Your unedited excerpt (Devan is teaching Connor how to punch, and has just asked Connor to hit his jaw. Warning, cursing ahead!):

Devan laughed. “Hurt me? I’m a werewolf. Even if you managed to break my jaw—which you couldn’t—it would heal in, what, an hour or two at most? There is literally nothing you can do to hurt me.”

For some reason, his dismissive tone set something off inside me. “I could hurt you if I wanted to.”

He snorted. “Not with a punch like that. I’ve seen five-year-olds with better coordination.”

Heat raced up the back of my neck. “Let go of me, asshole.”

“Make me, wizard.” He smirked. “Or can you?”

I don’t know what came over me. The edges of my vision blurred, and I punched with my free hand as hard as I could, a right cross that connected solidly with Devan’s jaw.

Pain exploded through my hand. It felt like I’d just slammed my fist into a brick wall. “Fuck!”

Devan staggered and dropped my left hand. I pulled back and cradled my right, which was throbbing and bleeding from the knuckles where I’d hit him. “Holy…fucking…”

The bastard laughed. He laughed and rubbed his jaw, and I saw where his lower lip was busted open. “Damn!” He sounded almost impressed. “You’ve got a hell of a right cross when you’re pissed.”

God damn it, if my hand didn’t hurt so much I’d punch him again.

2) Complete upcoming posts for RRFS blog.
I have two started, one of which is nearly complete, but both need some editing.

3) Read at least 2 books.
This week, I finished Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett and The Wind Merchant by Ryan Dunlap.

4) Post to the BNC blog at least twice a week.
I didn’t get to that last week, alas, but I’ve already got another post scheduled for this week!

How are you guys doing with your goals? Still keeping on track for the month? If you’re doing Camp NaNoWriMo, how’s your word count?

One comment on “July #Writemotivation – First Update Ahoy!

  1. loved your excerpt! And great to see accomplishments! 🙂 I am failing this…

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