April Camp NaNo – Week 2

Mmm, s'mores and writing.

Mmm, s’mores and writing.

Minimum word count for April 14: 14,000/30,000

My current word count: 14,243/30,000

Adventures in NaNoing: This week was our write-in for Camp NaNo, which was a lot of fun and surprisingly productive. We brought (or rather, Rebekah brought) the Box of Doom in case we needed to spur ourselves for writing, but our group generally did a good job about settling down and getting stuff done!

I wrote over 7,000 words on Saturday to get myself back on track. I also came to the conclusion that I may not need a full 30,000 words to finish out this novel, as after 14,000 words I’m down to the last two chapters and an epilogue.

In slightly related news, do you remember a few years back when, in a fit of procrastination, I ran just about everything I’d ever written through the “I Write Like” generator?

Well, I did it this week for the 2012 NaNo, which, as you may recall, is my Star Wars/Twilight/Fifty Shades of Grey crazy fanfic parody mash-up thing.

This is what I got:

I write like
Stephenie Meyer

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

I laughed like a maniac for about ten minutes straight.

Very Short Excerpt:
Completely unedited, as always.

“Do you know where the captain is?” Edgar asks me.

“No,” I say, “but we’ve got to hurry. He’s going to be executed at dusk.”

Nadine saunters up, sword and shield in hand. “Then we’d better get the hell out of here. And not just because the entire damn place is about to come down around our ears.”

MigMig trots up behind her, squeaking the entire time. And from above us, I hear an imperious QUACK!

I look up to see the professor still clinging to the serpent’s spike.

Nadine’s eyes widen in shock. “You’ve got to be shitting me.”

“I don’t think he is,” Edgar says. “Everybody on!”

“On?” I repeat, dumbfounded. “Wait, ON? You want us to get ON the giant man-eating snake?”

“Have you a better way of getting out of here without resistances from the guards?” Seb asks calmly.

I don’t, but it apparently doesn’t matter what I think, because Nadine has already jumped onto the giant snake and Edgar is helping MigMig get up. Well, quadruple crap.


6 comments on “April Camp NaNo – Week 2

  1. The excerpt made me giggle. Good thing I had to wake up Colin for school or I’d be in trouble.

  2. Jessica says:

    I was so excited about the ‘I write like’ think you mentioned, I had to go and check it out immediately. Turns out, I write like Gertrude Stein. Can’t say I’m familiar with her work, but… I do remember telling some random guy in a bar once that my name was Gertrude. 🙂

    Have fun with a-z, and thanks for the fun link to ‘I write like’.

    • thebnc says:

      You are most welcome. You might try running a bunch of different things you’ve written through the generator. I’ve gotten James Joyce, Ursula K. Le Guin, Douglas Adams, and Anne Rice at various times.

  3. I will now be trying that “I Write Like”. Good job on keeping up with your goal! Mine is 30k too and I’m sitting at 20k, stuck. Keep writing! 🙂

    • thebnc says:

      Wow, you’re really rocking your word count! I will break 20k by the end of this week, so I swear. 😉

      And I’d apologize for introducing a procrastination tool to anyone during a NaNo month, but it’s such a FUN procrastination tool! 🙂

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