Trailer Park: Man of Steel and Star Trek Into Darkness

Oh yes. It’s a good week for movie fans, as some of the biggest films of next summer are putting out their teasers and trailers and getting us all SORTS of excited for 2013.

Man of Steel

Superman has never been one of my favorite superheroes, and while I enjoyed Superman Returns, it certainly didn’t outrank Batman Begins or X2 as my favorite superhero movies (at the time).

However, Man of Steel has several things going for it:

1) Christopher Nolan is producing, and Christopher Nolan did such a mind-blowingly awesome job with Batman that I will trust him to turn out a good movie with just about any superhero property. Yes, that includes Aquaman. He’d find a way to make it work.
2) Zack Snyder is directing. He’s a little bit more hit-or-miss, but I loved 300 and liked Watchmen. Teamed with Nolan as a producer, I think he’s got a style that will make this work.
3) David Goyer is writing. He wrote the three Nolan Batman films. Enough said.

With that kind of crew behind it, I find myself really, really looking forward to Man of Steel. And with a trailer like this, well…yeah, next summer will be good for superhero movies.

Star Trek Into Darkness

The full teaser for this will be coming out on December 17, but this “announcement teaser,” as it’s called, is pretty freaking fantastic. Benedict Cumberbatch has a great voice, and knowing he’s going to be the villain in this movie? So very many kinds of awesome.

The 2009 Star Trek movie was excellent, and I can’t wait to see more from the sequel. Yes, squeaky fangirl noises abounded when I watched this the first time.

What movies are you guys most looking forward to next summer?


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