NaNoWriMo Week 4 and #WriteMotivation Update

Well, this is my second-to-last NaNo update post. November is almost over, which blows my mind. It seems to go by a little faster every year.

There’s always a sense of melancholy that I get the last weekend of NaNo. Yes, it’s usually buried under the “what happens next in my story?” and “what do you mean, I’m 40,000 words in and I’ve only just now hit the halfway point?” panics and the thrill of writing, but it’s definitely there.

Because the whole crazy, messed-up adventure is almost over. Regardless of the final word count or the state of the story, November is marching ruthlessly on into December, and all the write-ins, chats, and stresses of the month will end. And as glad as part of me will be to have my weekends to myself again, another part will really, really miss the events, the camaraderie, and the challenge of it.

Above all, for me, NaNo has always been fun. And it’s a little sad when that fun ends, even if it’s just for one year.

Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

1. Finish Buzz stuff by November 12.

2. Write 50,000 words in November.

Minimum word count for November 25: 41,666/50,000

My word count: 51,020/50,000

Adventures in NaNoing: I hit 50K! It was somewhat late Sunday evening, and I didn’t even realize I’d crossed the finish line.

Since I have two separate Word documents, the word count on the main novel is about 1700 less than what I actually have. (Not to mention Microsoft Word and the NaNo word count validator have somewhat different ideas on what counts as a “word,” which means I usually lose about 20-30, at least, in the upload.) So it wasn’t until I combined everything and threw it into the validator that I saw I’d hit the goal.

I also wrote my very first sex scene. Two of them, come to that. And yes, they are every bit as horrible as you would expect. Which, for this book, kind of works, I guess?

I didn’t get as far into them as I wanted, though, because there’s apparently plot happening in this story (terrible plot, but still) and I want to get through as much of it as I can before the end of November.

Very Short Excerpt:
Completely unedited, and this is the section that put me over 50,000.

I freeze where I am, my arm outstretched, Nadine staring at me with a look of shock and horror and, yes, perhaps even a little fear. She brought one of her arms up to shield her face, though against fire I’m not sure how much good that would actually do.

Slowly, I look to my left, where the rest of the crew is. The captain’s arm is outstretched as well; he must have been the one to stop me, though I am not sure how. His gorgeous bronze face is impassive, his dark eyes utterly unreadable. Both Seb and Edgar are staring at me, Seb’s eyebrows slightly raised, as though he is mildly surprised, which for him is practically a fount of emotion. Edgar, however, looks absolutely terrified.

Of me.

I don’t think anyone has ever been afraid of me in my life.

And right now, I’m afraid of me, too.


4 comments on “NaNoWriMo Week 4 and #WriteMotivation Update

  1. Oh very cool! I like that snippet. 😀 So very happy for you for making it to 50K! I will sit over here waiting impatiently for you to finish. 😀

    Oh, and naughty girl! You wrote 2 sex scenes? ;-D

    • thebnc says:

      Glad you like the snippet. That scene turned out to be…much more serious than I was anticipating. But hey, it worked.

      And I swear I’m trying to get this finished as fast as I can! On the plus side, I’ve got the rest of the story outlined, so things should move a little quicker. I hope.

  2. Eeee! I adore the snippet! =)

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