Camp NaNoWriMo & June Goal Updates – Week 2

Fun analytics fact: The most popular post on my site in 2012? The Netflix Queue: White Collar.

I attribute this to the number of times I have used the words “netflix,” “White Collar,” and “season three” in the past few months.

Also, it’s just an awesome show.

White Collar - Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) and Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) - photo credit NBC Universal

I’ll take any excuse to post this, seriously.

Goal updates!

1. Finish current edits on 2006 NaNo WIP!
I am halfway done with chapter 28, and I have five more chapters to go. So close, and yet so far.

2. Outline 2008 NaNo novel, aka my Camp NaNo project.
Pretty much where it was last week.

3. Write 30,000 words on said Camp NaNo project.
Pretty much where it was last week.

4. Finish Buzz articles by June 11.
Okay, so I thought I had set the second Sunday in June as my deadline. That was what I’d done last month, right? And I just wasn’t able to get the weird news finished on Sunday, but I figured it was okay because I got it submitted on Monday. Just one day off…or so I thought.

Turns out me-at-the-end-of-May was actually pretty smart, because, if you’ll notice, June 11 was NOT Sunday, but Monday. Which I didn’t notice until right this second, as I’m making this update. So yay, go me!

5. Read at least one novel for a brain break.
Remember how I said I would have to watch myself, because if I wasn’t careful, I would go nuts and read multiple books? And remember how I jokingly said last week, when I found out Courtney Milan had another series I hadn’t read, “Goodbye, productivity, it was nice knowing you“?

Yeah. I didn’t read one novel this past week. I read four.

I read both Proof by Seduction and Trial by Desire by Courtney Milan, and then reread Lord Perfect and Last Night’s Scandal by Loretta Chase. (Frankly, I’d forgotten how much I adore Olivia and Lisle, the couple in Last Night’s Scandal, who are children in Lord Perfect.)

They are all awesome. Why haven’t you read them?

And now I am not allowed to touch another book until I finish these edits on my WIP.

And now, a Camp NaNo update!

Camp NaNoWriMo Participant

Mmm, s’mores and writing.

Minimum word count for June 15: 25,000/50,000

My current word count: 22,732/50,000

Adventures in NaNoing: This past weekend was our June write-in, which just four people attended, including me. That was all right; it’s summer. I know people have travel plans and vacations and what-not.

After the write-in, the lot of us trooped over to Rebekah’s new house to help paint! Because that is something else writers are good for: painting. Okay, painting and talking about how to kill people using only what you could find in a garage. (What? Don’t look at me like that. Right now, I’m trying to think of new and interesting ways to immolate people. IT’S FOR THE BOOK I SWEAR.)

Anyway. In part because of the painting, in part because of the “Oh hey site launches!” part of my job this week, and in part because I read four books, I think I wrote a grand total of about 5,000 words during week 2.

Also, I changed a secondary character’s name. This would not normally be such a big deal — BOY did it need changing — except that she has had the same name since I was fourteen years old and wrote the original short story. To say it’s been difficult to break the habit of typing the old name is a bit of an understatement.

Very Short Excerpt:
Completely unedited.

Kiral turned to the new voice. Emelyn stood in the doorway, holding a folded dress. She shifted from side to side. “Ari told me to bring you clothes and help you change.”

She prayed her voice wouldn’t quaver. “Did he now?”

Emelyn nodded, her dark eyes huge in her face, still pale after so many months of illness. “I asked why you needed me and he said your ankle was hurt and you were probably too cold to do it. He also said you’d probably argue but I am supposed to tell you to be quiet and let me help so you don’t catch a cold and die, you hard-headed crazy lunatic.” She cocked her head to one side. “I told him ‘crazy lunatic’ meant the same thing and he said some words I’m not supposed to say.” She sighed and stepped into the kitchen. “He gets so irritable when he’s cold and tired.”


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