April Goal Wrap-Up and May #WriteMotivation

Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. Well, I have been terribly remiss in getting my April wrap-up and my May #WriteMotivation goals up.

To be fair, though, the last week of April went like this:

1) Sign up for three pitches at the OWFI conference, thinking I probably wouldn’t get any because I waited so late to throw my name in the hat.
2) Find out at 2 a.m. the Saturday before the conference that I got all three pitch appointments.
3) Fly into a panic and spend every spare moment researching the people I’d be pitching to and working on said pitch before I had to leave that Thursday.

My roommates are saints, you guys. I can’t count how many days I whipped out my pitch right after work and said, “Hey, what do you think of this?”

And they patiently listened and gave me feedback every single time, even though one of my roommates was also in the midst of finals. Seriously, where do I get the sainthood nomination packet?

Here’s where I stood at the end of April:

1. Upload at least another 6 weeks of Barenaked Archive posts.
Alas, I only got three weeks uploaded. I may try to get another three uploaded by the end of May, but I’m not holding my breath.

2. Post at least twice a week (not counting the Barenaked Archive posts).
Made it through almost the whole month! Considering how spotty my posting record has been over the past few years, getting even two posts a week up is a reason for celebration.

3. Finish the various critiques and correspondence that I have promised.

4. Edit 6 chapters in my 2006 NaNo novel.
By the end of April, I had edited up to chapter 21. Considering I started at around chapter 10, I’M A LITTLE PROUD OF THAT.

And now, May goals and my current status:

1. Finish current edits on my 2006 NaNo WIP.
Since I made so much progress last month, I’m hoping to continue the trend. Unfortunately, I will not have as many weekends this month (I’ll be out of town for at least two of them, not counting the weekend I just spent in OKC), so I may spend a lot less time sleeping.

2. Post 3 times a week on the blog.
Okay, so I’m a little behind, but now that the OWFI dust has settled, I’m hoping to get back on the horse.

3. Get Buzz weird news and Buzz movies written and sent off by May 13.
These are the freelance articles I do every month. Got them both sent in by May 11, which means I am free up to work on more writing stuff.

Whew! Well, there you have it. Here’s hoping that I don’t look like this by the end of the month:

Scanners Head Explody

Any excuse to use this picture.

How’s your May going so far?


3 comments on “April Goal Wrap-Up and May #WriteMotivation

  1. May is crazy. I just hope to survive it.

    • thebnc says:

      May I recommend singing “I Will Survive” into a hairbrush while dancing around the bathroom? Always works for me…

      *hugs* Seriously, it’ll be okay. And at the end, May won’t know what hit it when you get through with it. 🙂

  2. omg, love the picture and feel like my head is doing that on a daily basis. what is wrong with us with trying to do so much in one month? good luck with your goals!

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