The Critic Does OWFI

The very first writer’s conference I ever attended was the OWFI conference in Oklahoma City when I was a wee young’un, only 17 years old. In fact, I was easily the youngest person at the conference by about 20 years.

My mother can attest to how much fun I had, because after the first night, I left her 3 messages on the answering machine because it kept cutting me off as I babbled about how much I’d learned.

This year, I’ve gone again, this time with three other fellow writers!

I’ve spent the past two weeks working madly to get ready. Hence the reason I haven’t posted at all since my last April update.

I’ll have a conference recap after I get back, along with my May #writemotivation goals and my final update on April.

Everybody have a great weekend!


One comment on “The Critic Does OWFI

  1. Have fun! Next year, I’m going to try and experience the madness myself. 😀

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