Twisters, Write-ins, and April Goal Updates

There are four seasons in Oklahoma, as the saying goes: summer, winter, football, and tornado.

Guess which one this one is!

Oklahoma tornado

Go on, guess!

If any of you paid any attention to the weather this past week, you know that Oklahoma and Kansas spent about 48 hours getting walloped by Mother Nature. (Not the ideal way to spend the weekend, just in case you were wondering.)

Thankfully, they had been warning us for days that this weekend was going to be a bad one, and those early warnings are probably why the aftermath wasn’t nearly as bad as it could’ve been.

At least it wasn’t the infamous Quakenado from last November. When both earth and sky are trying to kill you, that’s kind of the point where you just look up and say, “F*ck it, I’ll move.”

On the plus side, I won an award!

Friends of the Tulsa City-County Library - Second Place - Children's Fiction

Look, it has a shiny star and everything!

I entered the Tulsa City-County Library Adult Creative Writing Contest back in January, and won second place in the Children’s Fiction category for my story, “Benny’s Bedtime Adventure.”

Then I read it aloud! In front of people! And you could barely hear my voice shake! (Public speaking makes me insanely nervous.)

Also, this was a write-in weekend! It was great to see everybody there, and even better, we actually GOT QUIET and WROTE. I was amazed. (And grateful, because ho-damn did I need to make some headway on the ’06 NaNo novel.)

And speaking of, here’s my goal progress for this week:

1. Upload at least another 6 weeks of Barenaked Archive posts.
Two scheduled, four to go.

2. Post at least twice a week (not counting the Barenaked Archive posts).
I’ve done it for two weeks in a row, woohoo! Plus, I’ve got several other posts started (one that’s almost finished), which will hopefully take me through the end of the month.

3. Finish the various critiques and correspondence that I have promised.
I kind of have to un-delete this since I have a couple of critiques in my inbox that I got last week, and I imagine I’ll be getting more by the end of this week, since we have another critique group on April 28.

4. Edit 6 chapters in my 2006 NaNo novel.
Well, I’m just about finished with chapter 6. I’ve hand-written the scene that needs to get added to chapter 4. I don’t want to go back and add it until I’ve finished chapter 6 (and possibly 7), just because right now it feels a little like I’m running in circles where this novel is concerned.

At this rate, the first 3-4 chapters of the book will be lightyears ahead of the rest of it, just based on how much rewriting I’m doing.

I’m hoping that chapter 7’s editing won’t take me as long as these last 3 chapters have, but that’s probably just wishful thinking.

5. Study the craft for at least 15 minutes every day.
I finished Scene and Structure! Huzzah! I’ll probably have a more in-depth look at that later, but seriously, if you’re hitting writer’s block and you’re not entirely sure why, pick up this book. It’s a fantastic resource for novel writers.

I’ve also been reading some of Chuck Wendig’s blog (thanks, Twitter!), which is funny, crude, and eye-opening. So while I haven’t been studying the craft every day, the fact that I’ve made it a priority has been very helpful.

So…how was your weekend?

Tornado picture courtesy NOAA Photo Library.


5 comments on “Twisters, Write-ins, and April Goal Updates

  1. hannahkarena says:

    Congrats on the award! Awesome job :]

  2. oh wow! congratulations on your award! and you are doing so well on your goals this month – very good job! i’d give you another gold star if i had one on me. 🙂

  3. […] back in August. Two of my stories placed: “Benny’s Bedtime Adventure,” which won second place at the Tulsa Library contest earlier this year, got second honorable mention in its category, and “Don’t Tell” got third […]

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