The Critic’s Most Anticipated Summer Movies

I don’t know if it says something about me or about the current crop of summer movies that there are only three I feel like I absolutely, positively MUST see in theaters.

There are several more that interest me, but I’ll need to see more from the movies (or from word-of-mouth) before I decide whether to drop some hard-earned cash on them.

Here are the ones that I’m most looking forward to this summer:

The Avengers posterMarvel’s The Avengers – May 4
While the X-Men have always been my favorite superhero group, I have very fond memories of the old Sega Genesis game Captain America and the Avengers. (I didn’t care much for Captain America; Vision and Iron Man were my favorite characters to play.)

However, the Avengers have been growing on me in recent years, though more from movies and video games than from comic books. I’ve enjoyed the hell out of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, and to say I’ve liked the Marvel movies thus far is a bit of an understatement.

Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America were all fantastic and fun, and Iron Man 2 was pretty entertaining (not quite as good as the first one, though). Each one made me more excited for this film, even though I was initially wary when The Avengers was originally announced a few years ago.

Throw Joss Whedon in as writer/director, and you have the makings of an awesome summer movie. I may not be dressed up for this one, but I will be there with bells on opening weekend.

Brave posterBrave – June 22
I think it’s safe to say that I’m a Pixar fangirl, so I will see just about anything they put out. The only two Pixar movies I haven’t seen are Cars 2 and Toy Story 3, and the latter is not for lack of desire. (The former is really because I had no desire to watch something that looked like it centered entirely around Mater.)

Brave looks fantastic. As always, the animation looks beautiful, and you can tell that the animators put a lot of work and research into the film.

Just read what an actual archer says about Merida’s form in the extended look the studio released several weeks ago. (If you haven’t seen that clip, watch it here. So much love.)

This is also the first Pixar movie with a girl as the main character, which is awesome. What’s even better is just how cool Merida is. Even in that short clip, we really get a sense of the character (which is something Pixar has always done well).

I absolutely can’t wait to see it.

The Dark Knight Rises PosterThe Dark Knight Rises – July 20
My introduction to the Batman movie franchise was Batman and Robin, which came out right around the time I was old enough to go see PG-13 movies. Before that, my only exposure to the character had come from reruns of the ’60s series with Adam West.

You can probably understand why I was not impressed.

Now, things have changed. Batman Begins is my favorite superhero movie (it just barely edged out X2: X-Men United), and The Dark Knight was an amazing sequel. Christopher Nolan took a character and a franchise that had practically become a joke and made it awesome again.

Everything I’ve seen from The Dark Knight Rises has been mind-blowing. The poster with Bane. The trailer. Just about every single picture I’ve seen thus far.

The only (ONLY) thing I’m iffy on is Catwoman, and really that’s just because Michelle Pfeiffer did such an excellent job in Batman Returns (my favorite of the pre-Nolan Batman films).

But really, Nolan has done such an excellent job on the other Batman films (and even on his non-Batman films, come to that) that I have no worries about whether The Dark Knight Rises will live up to its hype.

What movies are you looking forward to this summer?


5 comments on “The Critic’s Most Anticipated Summer Movies

  1. Oh I will be dressed up for Avengers. And there will be pictures. =) My hair is getting dyed next week. Can’t wait!

  2. Paul says:

    Avengers is definitely the film I am most looking forward to seeing, but I just realized that I can’t go opening weekend! 😦 I have to go down to NJ for my aunt’s surprise birthday party. I may have to detour to a theatre on my way home Sunday.

    Brave and TDKR both have my interest, but I am nervous about TDKR…that whole “third superhero film” jinx. Still, if anyone is going to break that particular curse, it’s Christopher Nolan & Co. Other releases on my radar: Prometheus, Lawless, The Bourne Legacy, and To Rome With Love. The undertow of the summer movie season will probably pull me into a theatre for Spider-Man, too.

    • thebnc says:

      You know, I thought about Prometheus…then I watched the trailer and read up on it, and realized that it was going to be more along the lines of Alien (not a direct prequel, according to Wikipedia, but in the same universe).

      I’m too much of a weenie to see it in theaters. 🙂

  3. Brave is definitely the one of those that I’m looking forward to seeing the most! I’ve got a good bit of Scottish blood in me, so I’m very excited to see what they do with it!

    I’ll see Avengers eventually, and enjoy it, I’m sure, but I’ve never read the comics, etc, so it’s just not that high on my priority list.

    The Dark Knight Rises . . . well, Brandon will want to see that one. The Dark Knight was too dark for me, honestly, because movies are too real to me (being a visual person and all), and so this is one I will wait to see when I can pause and do it in small doses.

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