The Critic’s Goals for 2012

Resolutions, shmesolutions. I make ’em every year, and every year, I break ’em. So we’re trying something different this year.

A bit of background story first, if you’ll indulge me.

Earlier this year (or last year, I suppose), my dear friend/boss/team leader, Jonathan, bought a book by Dave Ramsey called EntreLeadership. While it is an excellent book for businesses, there are two chapters at the very beginning about dreams, goals, and mission statements.

So this year, rather than throwing down 7-10 things I wanted to accomplish on a piece of paper, I took the time to do the worksheet that Ramsey had linked from the book to develop my personal mission statement, then broke down my goals into the categories that he recommended.

I have since set time limits for these things, and broken a few down into steps. But here is the birds-eye view of what makes me tick and what I hope to accomplish this year.

Happy New Year Fireworks

Happy New Year! Here's to 2012.


My mission is to use my skills and abilities to bring joy and peace to people’s lives, both as a writer and as a project manager. I will strive each day to be a loyal, dependable, cheerful, honest, and respectful friend, sister, daughter, and team member. I will strive to abide by the Rotary four-way test in all that I do. I will make every effort to be a positive, bright light in this world.

2012 GOALS
1) Goals must be specific.
2) Goals must be measurable.
3) Goals must have a time limit.
4) Goals must be YOURS.
5) Goals must be written down.

I want to lose 10 pounds.

I want to finish the first draft of my steampunk novel (NaNo 2011).
I want to finish draft 3 of my NaNo ’06 novel and start submitting it to agents.
I want to finish the first draft of my NaNo ’08 novel.
I want to attend the OWFI conference and the OCW conference again.
I want to attend another CSS summit, if at all possible.
I want to find a way to quantify “be a better project manager.”
I will enter one writing contest per month, as funds permit.

I want to read every unread book that is currently on my shelf/Kindle. (There are over 20, not counting the 2-3 that I will probably purchase over the next month.)

I want to continue to read my Bible until I have finished the whole damn thing. And then I want to start over and actually THINK and MEDITATE about what I am reading.

I want to remember the birthday of every immediate family member and close friend with a card at the very least.
I will talk to both of my parents at least once a week. I will talk to my grandmother once every other week. I will talk to my brother once every other week.

Really, that about sums it up. Yes, there will be periodic updates.

And yes, there is one goal on the list that doesn’t really fall into any of the categories, but I’m not exactly sure where to put “Attend the midnight premiere for The Hobbit with Rebekah in costume.”

Photo courtesy jeff_golden.


6 comments on “The Critic’s Goals for 2012

  1. You guys are going to the Hobbit premiere in costume…I’m probably going to the Avengers premiere in costume. Either way, there must be pictures of both! =)

    And the whole reading every unread book on the shelf? Umm… good thing your shelf is smaller than mine. I have hundreds of books on my shelf right now still to read. And that’s in addition to the thousands I own that I HAVE read. I’m just doing my best to not buy new books unless it’s the Gardner’s tent sale, receiving gifts, or an author I keep up with (only a few of those thankfully). I’m trying to work my way through what I have, but it will DEFINITELY take more than a year for that!

    • thebnc says:

      OF COURSE there will be pictures. πŸ˜€ There would have to be!

      Also, THOUSANDS? o.O Hot damn, girl, you put me to shame. Despite the fact that my two roommates and I are voracious readers, there are probably less than 1000 books in the house between the three of us. Then again, we went through our shelves before we moved and deposited a LOT of books at Gardner’s.

      (And “get a bigger bookshelf” is on my to-do list.)

  2. […] may recall that one of my goals for this year was to read all the unread books currently mocking me from my […]

  3. James says:

    I’m in Lissa’s corner with the “only 20 or so?!” angle.

    I think those are pretty good and admirable goals for the most part. One bit of feedback from a straight male: I don’t think you need to lose any weight (unless your doctor’s advised you otherwise, of course). Do whatever makes you feel better about yourself. But you look great as-is.

    My inner novelist is tempted to escape its chains. Every path it seeks is a horrible one. So I’m gonna pretend to be a short-story writer this time around. πŸ˜€

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